If you experience any bugs or crashes, please drop me a line at support[at]waveshaperapp[dot]com. I will work as quickly as I can to fix things and keep the app awesome.


Playing and Pausing

To start and stop the sound generation within the app, tap the Play/Pause button.

Noise Types

Tap one of the three dots on the left-hand side of the interface to choose the type of noise used to drive the sound generation: White, Pink, or Red.

Control Points

Modify the parameters of the sound generation algorithm in real-time by dragging the green and blue control points around the main control surface.


The column of rectangles along the right side of the screen is the Presets Sidebar. WaveShaper comes preloaded with eight Presets. To transition the control points to a Preset simply tap it. Slide your finger from one Preset to another to smoothly transition between them.

Saving Presets

Tap the disk icon under the Presets Sidebar to enter Save Mode. Once in Save Mode, tap a Preset to save the current positions of the control points. To exit Save Mode without overwriting a Preset, simply tap the disk icon again.


Tap the filename box along the top of the interface to show the Sounds list. Tap a filename to load the file. Tap the play button next to a filename to preview the sound without loading it. WaveShaper includes several audio files for you to play with, but you can add your own by placing them in WaveShaper's Documents folder in iTunes. To add files to WaveShaper using the Documents folder:

  1. Connect your device to the computer you sync with.
  2. Open iTunes.
  3. Select your device under Devices in the sidebar.
  4. Click on the Apps tab.
  5. Scroll down to the File Sharing section.
  6. Find WaveShaper in the Apps list and select it.
  7. Add a sound file using the "Add..." button or by dragging a file onto the list.
Whenever you add a file to the Documents folder, iTunes will automatically sync the file and it will show up in the Sounds list.


Tap the Record button (the circle with a red dot in it next to the Play/Pause button) to start recording the sound that WaveShaper is making. While recording you can change noise types, move control points around, choose Presets, and Play/Pause the sound. When recording is started, the Record button will change to a Stop button and tapping it will present you with an option to save your recording. If you choose to save, you will be prompted for a name and the recording will appear at the top of the Sounds list, meaning you can immediately use a recording as source audio for WaveShaper. You can share your recordings on SoundCloud by tapping the cloud icon next to a recording's name in the Sounds list. Or, to copy your recording onto your computer, follow the instructions for getting to the Documents folder for WaveShaper in iTunes and then select the file and press the "Save..." button.


Programming and Design: Damien Di Fede
Presets Design: Bobby Arlauskas
Visual Design: Amanda Williams